Plaster Mix

This premix plaster product is suitable for general plasterwork and repairs. It helps to reduce cracking, improves workability and has a low carbon footprint.

How to Use


  • Prepare the surface properly before plastering to get a perfect finish by removing any plaster, dust or paper
  • The surface should be rough enough for the plaster to adhere to
  • For smooth surfaces, a spatter dash coat should be applied to provide a textured surfaceThis is a mixture of 1 part coarse sand and 1 part cement to which just enough water is added to make a stiff mixture
  • Always use a proper plastering trowel and keep it clean and rust-free


Mix in a wheelbarrow, on a plastic sheet or on a pre-wet surface using clean, drinkable water wherever possible.

  • Empty contents of cement bag and mix thoroughly with sand and stone
  • Gradually add water and mix to an even, pasty consistency. Use a maximum of 4,5 to 5 litres of water. Too much water will result in a weaker plaster

Do not try to rework by mixing in additional water when semi-dry.


After the plaster has been applied and finished, it’s essential to protect it from the sun and wind by covering the surface with plastic sheeting and keeping it moist for a minimum of 7 days.

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