Concrete Premix

Typical Applications

Suitable for minor structural applications:

  • Small concrete repair jobs
  • Footings and foundations
  • Fence and washing line posts

How to Use


Mix in a wheelbarrow or on a pre-wet surface using clean, drinkable water wherever possible. Use a maximum of 5 litres. Too much will result in a weaker concrete.

  • Empty contents of inner cement bag and mix thoroughly with sand and stone
  • Gradually add water and mix to an even consistency

Do not rework by mixing in additional water after concrete has started setting.

Placing and compaction

  • Thoroughly wet soil
  • Work the concrete into the corners and along the edges with a spade or trowel
  •  To ensure that a dense concrete is achieved, remove all entrapped air by compacting concrete using iron rods or spades
  • To avoid cold joints, ensure that the curing period between each batch does not exceed one hour


After surface finishing, the concrete should be covered with plastic sheeting for at least 7 days to cure. Inadequate curing will result in weaker concrete.

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