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What is the minimum quantity I can buy?

This can vary depending on the area and availability of vehicles. In metropolitan areas our minimum is 280 bags, in outlying areas its 680 bags. Contact our call centre to find out what the minimum is for your area.

What is the life span of cement?

On average, cement life span is about three months. However, environmental conditions will affect cement. An ideal condition to store cement is in a dry enclosed area, off the floor and protected from the elements.

What is the price for a bag of cement?

Cement price is not standard. One of the factors the price is based on is location. We take into account the logistics cost to deliver to your area and quote once we have full delivery details.

Can I collect cement from your factories?

We try and limit collections from our depots and factories as much as possible. Our deliveries run on tight schedules and confirmed delivery times. Were we to allow collections we would not be able to meet our delivery commitments.

How do I mix cement for a DIY project?

For the best outcome it's important that your mix proportions are accurate and suit the job that you are busy with. Each of our products provides a guide on how to use it to achieve the best results.

How do I place an order?

You can get in touch with us by phone, fax or email:

Customer Service  0860 141 141 (sharecall)


South African national quotations and ordersTelephoneFacsimile
National ordering/quotations: (011) 670 5555
0860 110 010 (sharecall)
(011) 670 5797
Exports: (011) 670 5619 (011) 670 5119
International sales, quotations and orders:TelephoneFacsimile
Lesotho sales office: (00266) 22 32 3144 (00266) 22 32 3142
Namibia sales office: (00264) (61) 26 7500 (00264) (61) 26 2205
Swaziland sales office: (00268) 518 7078 (00268) 518 5081
Botswana sales office: (011) 670 5555 (011) 670 5797

What is your BEE status?

AfriSam is a level 2 Broad Based Economic Empowerment contributor. A copy of our BEE certificate is available on request.

Which product is ideal for my project?

With the correct mix proportions, most of our products can be used in most applications. Our technical division can also advise you. We can work hand-in-hand with the Consulting Engineers or technical staff to come up with the most economic mix for your project.

How do I pay for my cement purchase?

You can either open a cash account or a credit account. With a cash account, you pay cash upfront before delivery. A credit account is subject to a credit approval and allows you the flexibility to pay for your purchases 30 days after delivery date.


How many days before delivery do I place the order?

Generally 3-4 days but this can vary from region to region and also in times of high demand. Our call centre will be able to give you a delivery date confirmation when you place your order. We work on a first-come-first-served basis.

How much discount do I get for cash on delivery?

Any discounts would be included in our quoted price and therefore no further discount would be given for cash. If you order regularly from us, it’s best to open a trading account where we can offer you trading terms of net for 30 days settlement from date of statement (subject to credit acceptance).

Why do you deliver varying load sizes making it difficult for customers to avoid paying part load charges?

With a fleet of approximately 200 vehicles of which 80% consist of LOD’s (Lorry Owner Drivers), it’s inevitable that the truck type and size will vary. We now have a standardisation programme and have recommended that our LODs only purchase Mercedes Benz Ategos that can legally carry 6 m3. A programme like this is a long-term process. In the meantime we kindly request that you order minimum loads on a final and believe that any excess could be accommodated on site with proper planning. This will help reduce part load charges and assist our LODs in maintaining safe and reliable vehicles resulting in an improved service to our customers.

Why does no one respond when customers write notes on pump sheets?

We prefer that any queries on pumps be directed via our Call Centre 0860 141 141 as it is often difficult to get through all pump sheets in the same day.

Why can I not have one person to take my orders? It’s frustrating speaking to different people and having to repeat the same story.

We appreciate that our customers tend to build relationships with certain contact centre agents. However, all our call centre staff are highly trained personnel who can respond to standard requests both efficiently and professionally. The sophisticated system directs your call to the first available operator, eliminating unnecessary delays.

What is the size of your trucks for access purposes (width & length)?

We require a minimum clearance of 3,5 m wide and 4,5 m high as well as a stable base on which the trucks can drive, clear of trees and other obstructions.

What is the procedure for cube tests?

AfriSam Readymix is an ISO 9001 certified company and randomly samples concrete for our own quality control procedures. If your concrete forms part of this sample we’d be happy to forward you with the results. For higher frequency of sampling contact Concrete Testing Services in Johannesburg for their rates.

How can I protect my mortar?

Any watertight container can be used to store mortar. Alternatively, many contractors use plastic sheeting to protect the mortar.

How do you calculate the volume of concrete needed?

Volume can be calculated by measuring the length multiplied by the width multiplied by the height of the area. Allow approximately 5% for wastage.

Geographical supply areas – where do you not supply to?

Our plants are situated throughout all the major centres in South Africa, namely Gauteng (including Mpumalanga and North West, Vereeniging and Vaal), KwaZulu-Natal and Western Cape. Since Readymix is transport sensitive we have optimal delivery zones within each region. Please call the regional office with your exact delivery location to find out whether we supply to your area or not.

Where can I get a contact list of the names and numbers of the relevant supply chain personnel per region?

A Customer Information Index can be obtained when you place an order and is available by fax or email. Alternatively one of our representatives will deliver a concrete planning board to the site.

How many price increases are there normally per year? (Other than fuel, vat etc …)

This depends on the market. The standard is two price increases: one on the 1st of January and the other on the 1st of July each year.

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