Bitumen shortage stalls Johannesburg road projects

The Johannesburg Roads Agency (JRA) has announced delays to several of its road works programmes across Johannesburg owing to a shortage of bitumen countrywide.  The agency said that the resurfacing of roads and the patching of potholes in the city would be temporarily halted as a result of a shortage of the oil-based, semiliquid substance, which was used in the production of the asphalt mix for road surface construction.

This was the direct result of the shutdown of local refineries for maintenance, JRA acting MD Mpho Kau said.  Petrochemicals group’s Total and Engen are the only refineries that have confirmed that operations will resume in early August.  The JRA asphalt plant has, therefore, stopped production and operations are expected to resume from August 10.

Source : Engineering News  24/07/2015

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