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Our goal is always to meet your expectations as our customers. So that we can fully understand what your needs are, regular research in the form of focus groups, surveys or even conversations with our customers all help towards meeting those needs.

This is our commitment to you:

  • All our products meet theSANS 50197 requirements and are made in facilities that areISO9001 accredited
  • For ease of use, product reference materials and brochures are available on request
  • Product test certificates can be supplied on request after the seven-day results are available
  • You’ll be actively assisted in developing mix design solutions that will help you cope with environmental changes
  • You’ll be given seven working days’ notice on all pre-planned product changes
  • You’ll receive a monthly regional cement industry report which gives insight into regional and segment information
  • We’ll be happy to resolve any product queries  via our Product Technical Department and our call centre is available to help or direct you with any other assistance you need

You may call our customer services centre on 0860 141 141 or contact us through specific product channels.

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