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Technical Services

For your peace-of-mind we provide you with technical excellence, top quality products and continuous innovation in cement and cementitious products. Our Centre for Product Excellence (CPE), is responsible for just that.

Our product development team in Roodepoort, Johannesburg work closely with customers to develop and test products to suit particular specifications and applications. Here, we’ve also developed a product with a remarkably low CO2 footprint, the Eco Building Cement.  To this effect, we extend our products with other industrial by-products or mineral components, in keeping with our value of planet.


All our production processes, materials and final products are put through rigorous and on-going stringent quality assurance tests.  

  • We work with leading universities, review projects for the National Research Foundation and assist MSc and PhD students with their theses
  • We provide critical professional input to numerous industry boards, also taking part in the Bureau of Standards (SABS) committees, the Cement and Concrete Institute and the Association of Cementitious Producers, where we play a leading role in different technical work groups

With our passion for the planet and a commitment to providing the best products and services to you our customers, we look forward to building the future - together.

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