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Working for AfriSam

These comments by our employees bear testimony to the care we take in looking after our people. We place great importance in health and safety in the working environment, but there are other common themes that run through these testimonials. Care and respect for our people results in our employees having a sense of worth and belonging and a genuine passion for the work they do.

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I am driven to be passionate about my work as I work with a group of people who feel the same. The company values are the same as mine and that makes me feel at home. My hard work does not go unnoticed and I always feel like I am a valuable member of my team.

Matshidiso Twala
Sales Consultant

AfriSam is a dynamic company to work for. The work environment is professional and very committed. While this is the case, we make time to play so that when we work, we are able to give our all.

Bradley Herbert
General Manager

I am a contractor based at SSC and I must tell you that I feel like I am part of this family. I work quite closely with AfriSam employees to ensure that we deliver the products in a manner that satisfies the customer. We share the same passion of pleasing the client and feel equally responsible for creating customer value. I am a part of AfriSam and I am proud to be here.

Nondumiso Faku
Klipstone Control Supervisor

This company is a goal driven organisation and that automatically rubs off on me as the employee. I know what I want in life and work hard towards it. My opinion in the work place also counts as I am encouraged to contribute towards decisions that affect me. Take safety for example, I know that I need to take my and the team’s safety into consideration all the time and I have a say in how that is done.

Helena Venter
Admin Assistant – Slagment

I am fairly new in AfriSam and compared to my previous experiences, this company is amazing. I feel like I’m working with the best of the best as the people come with a wealth of knowledge which they are not afraid to share. I’m learning all the time and that keeps me on my toes. In the short period I’ve been here, I am truly comfortable and feel like I’ve been here forever.

Mishack Tolom
AARM Systems auditor

I am fairly new in the company and my experience so far has been great. I have been given a lot of support and assistance and that has helped me feel confident enough to carry out my duties. The company also values team work and therefore promotes fun activities that allow us to get to know each other well. This makes the work environment very relaxed and we feel like this is our second home.

Brilliant Mbangwa
Credit Controller

As I go about doing my daily chores, I am amazed at how the people here value their customers. In my job, I tend to overhear a lot of the conversations and it is not hard to tell that a lot of effort is put towards pleasing the customer. The people here have welcomed us contractors as a part of the family and treat us well. As a result, I feel like I have a role to play.

Daisy Mathebula
Contractor -Prestige

There's not a day when I get up dreading to come to work. This environment is so light and positive that it does not feel like work. I really look forward to my job all the time as I know that I am treated with respect, even when I make mistakes. This encourages me to aspire to be better at my job. I am learning all the time and that keeps my mind active.

Edward Tshivhidzo
Dispatch Clerk – Roodepoort

The working environment at AfriSam is energetic and positive, always cutting edge. The company is not scared to take well thought out risks. The focus is always on the customer. We are an organisation that is professional in all that we do and pride ourselves in always doing things right the first time.

Ziyaad Vawda
Logistics Planning Manager

I've been working for AfriSam since 1988. It has been a long but wonderful journey. Daily, I travel a long distance just to be here but it’s still a pleasure for me to do it. I’ve had some fun moments, funny moments, sad moments, happy moments, but through them all, I am treated like a valuable individual. This is what makes it all worthwhile.

Janet Gerry
Credit Controller

I left the company for a while and then came back. That, in itself speaks volumes. I am back because I had the opportunity to compare with what's out there. I can say for sure that no other company can compare. In every decision that is made, management makes sure that its effect on me as the employee is well considered. Just looking at the emphasis placed on my safety, I can honestly say that say that I am appreciated. This allows me to do my job with ease and pride. Even when you look at the remuneration, it is well above industry average.

Edson Matshinge
Batcher - Wynberg B Plant
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